Ferry Industries

Rotational Molding Ferry Industries manufactures ROTOSPEEDTM rotational molding machines for manufacture of hollow plastic parts. This process is also known as Roto Moulding, Roto-Cast or Rotomolding.

Splitting & Slitting rigid & flexible foam FEMCOTM precision cutting machines. FEMCO machines for splitting and slitting rigid and flexible foam such as rebond, and sponge rubber as well as saws for Composite, Honeycomb and Aluminum cutting.

Mixers for rotational molders FERRY PLAS MEC High-Intensity Mixers for rotational molders

Powder handling systems for rotomolders FERRY GraviMoldTM powder handling systems for rotomolders to automatically transfer powdered material from storage to weighing and dispensed into a mold.

CNC Routers with CAD/CAM Quintax CNC ROUTERSTM for accurate, high-speed robotic trimming, cutting and shaping of plastics, composites, nonferrous metals and wood. Extensive range of 3- or 5-axis, single or twin table CNC Routers with CAD/CAM capabilities.


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