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When performance counts.
Learn more about
RotoSpeed® — the global
leader in rotational molding.
When performance counts.
Quintax Machining centers
provide unmatched precision.
Discover how.
When performance counts.
Gain an edge over the
competition with Femco®
precision bandsaws.
When performance counts.
Our global solutions make
a world of difference.
When performance counts.
We started it all in 1927.
We still lead the way today.

For Over 90 Years
We’ve been building world-class machines since 1927, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Learn more about our history and what drives us to reach new heights every day.
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A company isn’t a building or a place---it is the people with their talents and creativity they bring to the table. Browse our open positions and become part of something special today.
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