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G5 Gantry/Portal Mill Standard features

The Quintax G5 Series 5-Axis Gantry/Portal Mill Machining Centers offer unparalleled work envelopes and accessibility while maintaining the accuracy and performance of the E Series machines. Designed for applications ranging from Aerospace fuselage parts and full scale Automotive modeling to Marine hull milling and large scale amusement characters The G Series can be configured in a wide array of sizes to meet any production requirement. Simple yet rigid unitized construction allow for rapid installations even in the most confined work environments. Quintax G Series Machining Centers utilize state of the art technology such as absolute encoded servo motors, tape and glass scales, volumetric machine compensation and shape conforming tooling to ensure maximum accuracy and productivity.

  • X Axis travels from 5’ to 100’
  • Y AXIS travel from 5’ to 20’
  • Z AXIS travel to 96”
  • 3,000 inches per minute X/Y rapid travel rates
  • 2,500 inches per minute Z rapid travel rate
  • 13.4 HP Liquid cooled spindle, 100% duty cycle. 20,000 RPM
  • Heavy Duty HSK 63F toolholding
  • Rack and pinion X/Y/Z drives
  • Full 5 axis interpolated motion
  • Air conditioned electrical enclosure
  • 3 Dimensional machine compensation
  • 8 Station travelling automatic tool changer
  • Automatic machine lubrication system
  • Hand-Held Pendant

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